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A Safe, Secure Investment

Share Certificates

Commit your money to the credit union for a specific period of time, and we'll pay you the highest rates available.

Sioux Falls Federal Credit Union Share Certificates are high yielding, federally insured investments that let you secure a fixed rate of return for an extended period of time. And the benefits add up quick:

  • Earn one of the highest dividend rates that we offer.
  • "Lock in" that rate for the term you selected.

Choose a maturity from 12 to 60 months with as little as a $500 minimum investment. Or take advantage of our three or six month certificates with a $2,500 minimum.

You may leave the dividends to compound your yield, or choose to withdraw the earnings without penalty. We can even arrange to send you a quarterly dividend check.

Easy on the penalties...

Some institutions charge early withdrawal penalties that can result in a loss of principal. At Sioux Falls Federal Credit Union, the maximum penalty for early withdrawal is limited to loss of earnings – that means you'll never lose any part of the principal investment with us.

Our current certificate rates are quite competitive, so you can invest with confidence. To open your new certificate, please visit any of our branch locations, or log into e*Branch home banking and select “Open Share Certificate” from the Services menu.