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Regular & Special Shares

Savings in a Credit Union are called "shares", and your Regular Share account is the basic membership savings. This qualifies you to apply for all other services, and serves as a great place to keep funds for basic savings needs, short-term goals, and emergencies.

Unlike other financials, we don't require you to be rich to open a savings account. Here's the deal:

Minimum Deposit is
Start Earning Dividends at
No Service Fees of Any Kind

You'll earn a generous dividend, and you'll always have easy access to the funds either in person or at an ATM. If you need to withdraw the money, it's yours.

Special Shares

All the same great features as a Regular Shares account - plus, you give us the idea, and we'll set it up for you. Use special share accounts to save for whatever you plan for or dream about, including:

  • Vacations
  • Taxes
  • Insurance Premiums
  • Educational Expenses
  • Weddings

Just like our Regular Share and Christmas Club savings programs, we pay you a generous dividend on your daily balance, and you can set up convenient payroll deduction or automatic transfers to help grow your dreams.

We can even name your Special Share account anything you want so you remember what it is you're saving for!