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A Conventional Fixed-Rate Mortgage, our most popular mortgage option today, boasts a fixed interest rate for the entire term of the loan and provides the convenience of a monthly payment that doesn’t change. We offer fixed rate loans for 30, 20, 15, and 10-year terms.

With this type of mortgage loan, you can benefit from:

  • Making the same payment every month
  • Different terms available
  • Purchase or refinance

Like all the loan programs we offer, there is no prepayment penalty with our fixed rate loans; you can make extra payments monthly or pay off the loan early without penalties or fees!

Pre-qualify today with one of our trusted home loan specialists and get an estimate of how much you can comfortably afford. Then, lock in your low rate as soon as possible.

Conventional Adjustable-Rate Mortgage (ARM)

Sometimes life throws us curves and we only plan to stay in a home short term. Or maybe you’re able to pay off your loan in a shorter time than most?! This loan may suite you.

A Conventional Adjustable-Rate Mortgage is a mortgage with an interest rate that changes during the life of the loan according to movements in an index rate. The initial interest rate paid on the outstanding balance varies according to a specific benchmark.  The initial interest rate is normally fixed for a period of time after which it is reset periodically, often every month.  The interest rate paid by the borrower will be based on a benchmark plus an additional spread, called an ARM margin.

An Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) is also known as a “variable‐rate mortgage” or a “floating‐rate mortgage”

  • Low initial rates and payments.
  • Initial, subsequent and lifetime rate caps apply.
  • No prepayment penalty required.
  • Purchase or refinance.

Our home loan specialists can help you decide if this is a better option for you.

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