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Online Banking


Pay Bills Anytime!


Now you can pay anyone at any time for free with our e*Pay online bill payment service. Once you set up your billers, you can begin to schedule payments immediately. Yes, e*Pay is the ultimate in convenience and control...

Save time and money...

Instead of wasting hours each month paying bills, you can now reduce that time to just minutes. No more checks to write or envelopes to lick. With e*Pay, you just click to pay. And think of all the money you'll save when you no longer have to buy stamps and envelopes!

To enjoy e*Pay for free, all you need to do is make at least one payment per billing cycle. Your billing cycle begins on the 10th of each month and ends on the 9th of the next month.

You're in control...

This is not some automatic payment service controlled by the biller. You decide how much to pay, to whom, and when your payment is made. In most cases, you can schedule a payment as soon as the next business day - or up to a year in advance.  You can also arrange to receive bills online from thousands of major retailers, utilities and credit card companies. Many of these same bills can be set up for automatic payments too. It's simple, convenient, and free as well.

And keeping track of your bills and payments is simplified too, because e*Pay will store all your payment records for up to 18 months.

And it’s secure…

e*Pay is actually more secure than paper checks, because most identity theft cases can be traced back to a paper record being stolen - like a bill left in a mailbox. And if you follow the scheduling rules, your payments are guaranteed to be made on time, or we'll reimburse you up to $50 in any late fees.

How do you get set up?

To get online and in control today, just log in to e*Branch home banking and select e*Pay.

Once enrolled you can immediately add your billers and start making payments.