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Wouldn't it be great to have a trusted personal assistant monitor your account activity for free? Well now you can! e*Alerts notifies you with real-time communications when certain pre-selected conditions are met. We can alert you with an email or cell phone text message -- your choice.

Setting up your alerts is easy…

Log in to e*Branch home banking and Select “Account Alerts” from the menu.  Just use the simple drop-down menus, fill in the amounts and submit. Set up one alert or 20 – whatever you need to stay on track. Categories include:

Account Balance Alert
Tells you when your balance is above or below any amounts you specify.
Check Cleared Alert
Tells you when a single check or a series of checks have cleared your checking account.
Deposit & Withdrawal Transaction Alerts
Tells you when deposits or withdrawals are made exceeding a dollar threshold you specify.
Email Change Alert
Any time your email address is changed in home banking, you will get a notification.
Loan Payment Reminder
Tell us how many days in advance of the payment date, and you'll never forget again.
Home Banking Locked
Any time your home banking access is locked, you'll be notified.
Daily Checking Balance
We can send you your balance up to twice a day, at times you select.
Reg. D Savings Withdrawal Limit
We'll let you know when you've reached your monthly Regulation D withdrawal limit.
Debit Authorization Alert
Tells you every time a signature-based debit card purchase has been authorized.
Address Change
If you change your address in home banking, you can choose to be notified with an alert.

Start using it today…

And let us keep track of things for you.