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Online Banking

Instant Pay Day!

Cash when you want it.

Direct Deposit

It's payday, and you're so busy you don't know when you'll get to the credit union to deposit that check. Your monthly pension is in the mailbox -- and you're out of town. Sound familiar?

Why put up with the hassles of running around, and then standing in a teller line, when we can handle everything for you? It's safe, it's timely, and it's guaranteed to be there!

Check with your employer, Social Security office or pension administrator about having your checks direct deposited to your credit union checking account or savings account.

Payroll Deduction

Why not let us take care of those recurring transactions - and you can just enjoy your paydays.

We can arrange -- through your employer payroll office or by automatic transfer here at the credit union -- to make your loan payments for you. We can also help you save on a regular basis with transfers to regular savings, Christmas club or other special share accounts, your IRA shares, or put money into the kids' accounts.

In addition to saving you the time spent making these payments and deposits yourself, Payroll Deduction never "forgets".

Direct Deposit Form

If you wish to have a direct deposit to or an automatic withdrawal from one of your credit union accounts, you’ll need to provide the company with two pieces of information:

  • The credit union routing number
  • Your account number in MICR format

Credit Union Routing Number: 291479974

MICR formatted Account Number: Although it may look complicated, it’s not that hard. Your MICR formatted account number is 13 digits long and made up of your member number and account number (the account number corresponds to your checking or savings account under your member number). Here’s how you do it...

  • It starts with the number 1 and ends with your member number
  • In between will be your account number and some zeros for padding to 13.
  • Your three digit account number will designate which account (checking, savings, etc...) the deposit or withdrawal will involve.
  • Here’s an example: Joe Doe, member number 12345 wants to set up a direct deposit of his paycheck into his consumer checking account which is account 207 under member number 12345. His MICR formatted account number looks like this – 1207000012345. (see below)
  • It starts with a 1, contains his checking account number, ends with his member number, and has four zeros to equal 13 digits. If John’s member number was 123456, then he would just use three zeros to fill in between the account number and member number.