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Draft Topper

Draft Topper Overdraft Protection

We all make a mistake once in a while and that’s why we offer our Draft Topper line of credit for overdraft protection on your checking account.

With no annual fee, Draft Topper doesn’t cost you a penny unless you use it – and then just a modest interest charge on the amount you actually use. Compared to an overdraft, share transfer fee or returned check, it’s an absolute bargain! For example – the daily interest charge on a $100 Draft Topper advance is just 5 cents a day!

With Draft Topper, you’ll have a predetermined line of credit – from $300 to $5,000, depending upon your qualifications – that advances funds to your checking account before the balance goes negative. Use our Account Alerts service to notify you of Draft Topper advances, and you have the option of paying in full or a monthly repayment schedule.