Banking Updates

Introducing a new financial command center at your fingertips. It's your trusty online banking platform and mobile app - now better than ever. Ready to dive into the new features?

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New Features. Better Features.

On December 5, 2017 we gave your Sioux Falls Fed online banking platform and mobile app an upgrade for newer and better features. You'll see a brand-new look – and a lot more capability to manage your money your way. From enhanced security, more control and customization, account opening ability and more!

Here are a few helpful tips for first time users.

  1. You must log-in to your online banking portal BEFORE you can access your account via the mobile app. Follow the prompts accordingly.
    1. Username/ID: Start with your current member account number
    2. Password: Use your existing password. (It may prompt you to pick a new one)
    3. New User ID: Following the prompts, you will then need to set up a NEW User ID which will replace your account number for all future logins.
    4. Watermark Image: Choose a recognizable image that you will remember with your login.
    5. Security Questions: Pick your top 3 security questions and answers.
    6. Online Password Reset: Create your own question and answer for future online password resets.
  2. To log into your mobile app, you will need to use your NEW User ID name and password. You will be issued a one-time PIN that will be sent to your email to complete the process.
    1. You will need to login to your mobile app BEFORE you can activate your finger print authorization (located in your settings).