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Set yourself for a bright and sunny future. Save early—and often. Sioux Falls Federal Credit Union (SFFCU) can help you get your retirement savings in order with Traditional or Roth IRAs. Stop in and open your account today.

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Which IRA is for you?

Your first decision is to choose which type of IRA you want to invest in. Our staff can give you specific guidance on each type, but here are the basics:

Traditional IRA

Deduct your contributions from your income through before-tax contributions. You can put more away and accumulate earnings more quickly. And once retirement comes, pay your taxes as you withdraw, as you would an ordinary income. Stop on in to open an account.

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Roth IRA

Make after-tax contributions so that you can withdraw your savings come retirement time—tax-free! Since you’ve already paid taxes on these earnings up front, there’s no need to pay them again. Stop on in to open an account.

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