1741 S Cleveland Ave
Sioux Falls, SD 57103






Lobby Hours
Drive-Up Hours
Administration Title Phone Number Email Address
Ashley P. Human Resources Specialist 605-977-8346
BJ W. Branch Services Manager 605-977-8337
Brenda D. Vice President, Finance 605-977-8319
Brenda S. Vice President, Human Resources 605-977-8307
Cheryl E. Marketing Specialist 605-977-8337
Fran S. President/CEO 605-977-8300
Heather H. Plastic Cards Specialist 605-977-8354
Jeremy H. Operations Specialist 605-977-8396
Jodi W. Operations Specialist 605-977-8352
Joel B. Risk Manager 605-977-8358
Joey R. Marketing & Business Development Manager 605-977-8314
Kari W. Accounting Manager 605-977-8302
Karla H. Executive Vice President 605-977-8320
Kay M. Accounting Specialist 605-977-8323
Larry W. Staff Auditor/Compliance Officer 605-977-8332
Linda S. Administrative Assistant 605-977-8313
Nikki D. Marketing Specialist 605-977-8345
Randy V. Operations Manager 605-977-8322
Samantha V. Accounting Specialist 605-977-8340
Steve S. Vice President, Lending 605-977-8338
Call Center Title Phone Number Email Address
Jenn H. Manager 605-977-8315
Erin S. Member Service Officer 605-977-8305
Anthony G. Member Service Officer 605-977-8304
Brenda S. Member Service Officer 605-978-3086
Jammie V. Member Service Officer 605-978-3083
Mitch E. Member Service Officer 605-978-3080

Sioux Falls Federal Credit Union offers you many ways to contact us. You can come by any of our locations to visit with a representative; or you may choose to call or email a representative directly.

If you have questions about your Sioux Falls Federal Credit Union accounts including balance, payment history or account inquiries, please use our Contact Form and send us a secure message.