Your Guide to Alternative Lease Loans

Your Guide to Alternative Lease Loans

Okay, so it’s time to pick out a new vehicle. There’s just one question to answer—to lease or to buy? The problem is, you’re forgetting the secret third option—an alternative lease loan, such as Sioux Falls Federal Credit Union’s (SFFCU) DrivingSense™.

Check out the benefits of a style of auto financing that takes the best of both worlds.


What’s the biggest downside of leasing a car? Odds are, you mentioned “vehicle ownership” at least in your top three. With DrivingSense™, you aren’t borrowing the automobile in question—you own it outright! This means that when the time comes to make your final balloon payment you have two options—you can simply turn in the vehicle and walk away without making the final payment or you can pay and keep the vehicle. Regardless, you’ll obtain trade-in value as equity toward your next vehicle purchase.

Money Down

Is making that initial down payment keeping you from purchasing a different vehicle? DrivingSense™ can be a solid option for you in that regard—it doesn’t require an upfront down payment. It doesn’t even require a security deposit! On top of all of this, there’s no penalty for paying off your loan early. It’s a fuss-free alternative to a traditional auto loan if a down payment isn’t in the cards.

Monthly Payments

Another reason an auto loan might give you pause is the monthly payment—not everyone’s budget can sustain the amount that may come with a conventional vehicle loan. A loan like DrivingSense™ helps to combat that with considerably lower payments, generally speaking, than most conventional financing options.


One of the biggest benefits of a loan of this nature is the “guaranteed future value,” or the amount of resale value that the equity in your loan is guaranteed to have at the end of the life of the loan. For example, a vehicle purchase in the amount of $30,000 secured via a SFFCU DrivingSense™ loan would guarantee future value of as much as $16,500—with monthly payments nearly half the amount of a typical conventional loan.

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