What to Look for in an RV Purchase

What to Look for in an RV Purchase

We’ve all got a little adventurous spirit in us. But if you find yourself clamoring for some outdoorsy getaways, you may be in the market for an RV or camper. Buying a second vehicle for recreation comes with many considerations to keep in mind.

Here are some starter checkpoints to know when you’re looking to buy an RV.

The Right Fit

Not all RVs or campers are built alike—if you’re after a second home, a luxury mobile on six wheels might be your go-to. But if you’re in the market for an entry-level recreational vehicle, a towable RV might be more your speed. Assess what you want to use the RV for, and make sure that you account for a vehicle with enough towing power (i.e., an SUV or pickup truck) if you opt for the latter.

Used vs. New

Just like you would when purchasing a standard car or truck, you’ll need to determine whether a used or new vehicle will fit your needs. Remember that while a new RV may come with the bells and whistles you’re hoping for (and modern accessories), it will ultimately cost more both in purchase price and ongoing insurance premiums. However, RVs carry a lot more variables than a standard passenger vehicle does—it can be harder to notice flaws. If you opt for a used RV, just remember to have it thoroughly inspected by a qualified third-party before signing any documents.

Rental Period

Depending on your experience level, it might be a good idea to consider renting an RV for a time first—it gives you time behind the wheel of a larger rig, and it can help you determine what your deal-breakers and deal-makers are when it comes time to purchase. Take your ideal RV for a spin on a family vacation, and take note of what you do and don’t like. Consider it an extended test drive. Then you can go into the purchasing process with a full roster of wants and needs in mind.

Size Matters

What are your ultimate plans for your RV? Do you intend to take it on winding mountain passes, through the expansive great plains or into tighter, wooded spaces? Make sure you consider the specs of your RV of choice—its length, maneuverability and capacity. Do you plan on taking longer trips? Make sure the electricity sources and holding tanks have capacity to accommodate this. Do you enjoy wooded campgrounds? Make sure you choose a size-efficient camper that can fit into tighter spaces and make sharper turns.

Sensible Lending

If you’re purchasing an RV or camper, odds are this isn’t the primary vehicle you have in your possession. As such, adding another auto loan to your budget means making smart decisions with your lending. A recreational loan from a lender such as Sioux Falls Fed can set you up nicely, with low rates, minimal fees and local underwriting. Get prequalified today, and know how much spending power you have to work with upfront.

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