New Year’s Resolution: 3 Reasons to Join a Credit Union

New Year’s Resolution: 3 Reasons to Join a Credit Union

It’s that special time of year when we pledge to do something to better our lives in the next 12 months. Our New Year’s resolution might take the form of a fitness journey, expanding our literary horizons or learning a new skill. Then again, your financial fitness, your financial literacy, and your financial skills could all be spruced up with one particular resolution… joining a credit union!

Here are three great reasons you should make joining Sioux Falls Fed a part of your 2021 plan.


You own it

We all like the feeling of owning something. Whether it’s that first car we bought with our own afterschool-job money in high school or the first starter home we bought with our significant other, calling something your own is a special kind of feeling. The nice thing about a credit union? It’s owned by the members! That means that you reap the benefits—we take good care of your money and you benefit from it in the form of dividends on a semi-annual basis.


Plus, we’re not-for-profit—so we’re not driven by revenue. We’re driven by a commitment to service to our members.


We get you

One of the key benefits of a credit union is that it’s community-based and community-focused. Our local connection means that we understand the needs of Sioux Falls citizens better than most national brands or regional banks. Our roots are firmly planted, so we understand how you spend, where you want to live, the businesses you support—we live, work and play here, too, so we understand the lifestyle and the needs of our members.


We offer value—no gimmicks

Because we’re member-based, we don’t need to rely on gimmicks and goofy hooks to get your attention. We lean into providing actual value—such as competitive rates on lending products, excellent debit and credit card account benefits, handy online and mobile banking tools, special offers that make a difference and top-notch member service. When you have it this good, you don’t need to throw in a kitchen appliance to seal the deal, folks.


Think membership might be in your near future? Find out all about how to make joining Sioux Falls Fed one of your New Year's resolutions.