Adopt a Classroom - Celebrate a Favorite Teacher

Adopt a Classroom - Celebrate a Favorite Teacher

Ever wish you had an opportunity to honor a particularly amazing teacher in your community but haven’t found the right way to do it? That’s where Adopt a Classroom comes in—it’s the perfect way for you to raise your hand to showcase a magnificent educator with some much needed recognition—and funding! And let’s face it—some of our hardest-working teachers could use a pick-me-up more than ever this year!

Find out more about Adopt a Classroom below.

What’s Adopt a Classroom?

If you have a local teacher in mind who has truly gone above and beyond, you can nominate him or her to be considered for a $500 donation for out-of-pocket classroom expenses! So whether said person has instilled your son or daughter with a passion for the arts or for science, or you yourself had an incredible experience in one particular local educator’s classroom, it’s one simple form away from potentially becoming a reality!

“I was able to purchase supplemental lab supplies — students used them to investigate chemistry concepts, like the law of conservation of mass. Students gathered in the (football) stands to watch them try their hand at these exothermic reactions!”

Amanda Ringling, 7th & 8th Grade Science, Brandon Valley

Students Cutting Pumpkins

Who Can Be Nominated?

The Sioux Empire is home to a wide variety of worthy teachers, and last year’s winners included some from schools as close by Terry Redlin and All City Elementaries to as far away as Brandon and Baltic! If they’ve made an impact in the Sioux Falls region, they’re an ideal candidate for Adopt a Classrooom.

“Thank you again for supporting area teachers. It takes a whole community and we appreciate the help!”

Amanda Ringling, 7th & 8th Grade Science, Brandon Valley

Students Performing a Science Experiment

How to Nominate

Nominating a classroom for the honor is as simple as filling out this form. Sioux Falls Fed will take it from there! We’ll review the roster of impactful nominees and select a handful of them to be our 2020-21 honorees! Just be sure to submit your nominations by May 7, 2021—we’ll make the announcement May 19, 2021!