5 Merchant Services Your Startup Business Needs

5 Merchant Services Your Startup Business Needs

Your merchant-services provider is a valuable partner for your business that enables your business’s payment processing and empowers your sales capabilities. But, as a startup, into what merchant services should you be looking? We put together a list to help you kickstart your payment solutions.

Read on for five critical merchant services your business is potentially lacking.


Simply put, e-commerce services help your business by providing payment-processing solutions designed specifically for e-commerce. This means that you can take your business online, allowing you to add a payment gateway to your shopping cart or integrate other payment solutions, such as NXGEN, into your current site. This service allows you to build out a more secure, professional payment method for your small-business customers.

Mobile Payment

When it comes to mobile payment, there’s a lot more than meets the eye. By integrating a payment-processing solution, your business can begin accepting payments both on and from mobile devices. This means that your business becomes as mobile as you are and can adapt to your customers’ payment preferences.

Risk Reduction

Startups rarely have the benefit of being able to absorb major financial setbacks, so it’s vitally important that you partner with a provider that can reduce your business risk by helping you dodge fraud and prevent loss by providing the most secure payment solutions possible.

Software Integration

Every small business considers itself adaptable to some extent, but, at smaller sizes, those adaptations can lead to sizable issues. A day spent learning a new point-of-sale system is either a day spent shuttered up and making no money or a day spent potentially frustrating customers with a needlessly long checkout process. With this in mind, it’s crucial that your payment solution integrates seamlessly with your existing POS and back-office accounting solutions.

Easy-to-Use Reporting

In a large corporation, minor miscalculations rarely have tangible impacts on the business’s bottom line. However, for small businesses and startups, minor mistakes can be majorly crippling. Having online access to your transaction data, as well as web-based reporting tools that empower you to completely analyze your numbers, is a real game-changer at smaller scales.

As a startup, it’s important that you lay a strong foundation for your business from the very beginning. Working with your merchant-services provider to assemble the payment solutions you need to get your business off the ground can prevent major headaches down the line. 

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