5 Landscaping Projects to Build Equity

5 Landscaping Projects to Build Equity

Spring is just around the corner—in fact, it feels like it’s maybe coming a bit early this year here in Sioux Falls! So when it comes to trotting out the trowels and moseying out the mowers, keep in mind that the look and style of your landscaping choices can have an impact on resale value.

So if you’re looking to make your property more curb-appealing and more high-value, try these landscaping tips on for size.


Outdoor Leisure

One area that’s become increasingly popular, particularly exposed by this past year when so much of life’s activities moved outdoors, is leisure space! While simply placing a beautiful deck or patio in an enclosed space can work wonders, take it up a notch by adding in built-ins ideal for hosting, such as a fixed fire pit or outdoor kitchen utilities. Midwesterners love their outdoors time with friends and family, so make it as comfortable as possible so that future buyers can picture themselves enjoying a bit of relaxation.



When it comes to greenery, you can do a little with a lot. Pavers, planters and a pleasant path of petunias can go a country mile in adding value. Make sure to judiciously scope out a perfect, sunny spot to set up a garden, and it could add as much as 83 percent in return on investment, according to the National Association of Realtors® (NAR).



While we’re enjoying the warmth of early spring here in South Dakota, both for safety and security as well as for keeping the party going well past sundown, outdoor lighting can be a game-changer. Illuminate gathering spaces and shed some light on walkways to keep your guests safe and sound. Plus, if you were to resell your home during the colder months, outdoor lighting can help evening home showing guests from slipping on precarious icy patches. It’s a win-win!



While a flower or vegetable garden can add some much-needed life to an otherwise drab yard, trees can elevate the space even more! (Pun entirely intended.) Trees provide shaded areas for the hottest months of summer, and they can provide natural privacy for homeowners looking to enjoy a bit of outdoor seclusion without having to leave the nest. Just be sure to take care of your greenery—the National Association of Landscape Professionals estimates well-kept trees as one of their top-five project goals among homeowners.


Built-In Irrigation

Keeping up a lawn, particularly in July and August when our region can get relentlessly dry and over-sunned, can be a tough proposition. But rather than lugging a hose and oscillating sprinkler out day after day, a built-in system can add value and save time. Manage your moisture more effectively with a buried, in-ground system and do yourself one better by setting it to a timer. Keep your green spaces green without using excessive amounts of resources. The NAR estimates homeowners recover as much as 86 percent of the cost of installing a system like this in utility savings.

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