5 Housing Design Trends to Pay Attention To

5 Housing Design Trends to Pay Attention To

So you’ve decided to embark on a home-building project… Whether it’s your first time pursuing home construction or you’ve been around the block before, paying attention to the latest trends can help you in the long run with resale value and overall quality of life.

Here are just a few of those home design trends to monitor—as well as how they impact the Sioux Falls housing market.

Heated Luxury

With the onset of heated floors, builders began to install such a luxury in new-home bathrooms, notably reducing that shock of stepping out the shower onto cold tile or linoleum. But particularly in a climate such as the one here in Sioux Falls, builders are finding more opportunity to enhance spaces with this feature in other parts of the house—namely entries and breezeways.

This is a great choice if you frequently host guests during the winter holidays or for your own comfort as you face those chilly South Dakota mornings before you start your commute.


As the value of screen-less time and eco-friendly energy efficiency continues to trend, so does the idea of a simplistic, naturally lit space for relaxation. Sunrooms have gained in popularity primarily due to their ability to bring in natural lighting and heat sources during the daytime, as well as making the centerpiece of a room a picturesque view, versus a television.

This sort of unique feature is uncommon in the Sioux Falls housing market but can be easily achieved through the installation of larger, insulated windows. With Sioux Falls median sale prices resting around that nearly $210,000 mark so far in 2020, a small adjustment to a living room to bring in more light could go a long way toward your bottom line in resale value.

Blurred Function

As open floorplans have continued to remain popular throughout the past 10 years, this has led to another interesting trend in home designs—namely the blurring of lines between rooms’ functions. Kitchens are trending more toward community spaces, much in the same way that living rooms are. Homeowners are testing out host-friendly open plans like wet bars paired with living room, and avid readers are embracing the rise in popularity of dedicated libraries off of family rooms and dens.

From comfortable seating to tech to storage, kitchens are taking on more of the day-to-day load of everyday living. And in the Midwest where air circulation is all the more critical during the brisker months of the year, an open space can do you a great service for quality of life and energy efficiency.

Adjustable Lighting

A more immediately changeable feature that’s gained in popularity both do its diversity of options and its energy-efficiency is “tunable” lighting. LED functionality has given rise to the ability of homeowners to light a space with varying levels of intensity depending on time of day and change colors and tones depending on the occasion.

Add to this the ability to make these adjustments on the fly from a mobile device, and the convenience factor of dramatically changing a space with the touch of a button becomes a reality.

Floating Cabinetry

Ever experienced the toils of cleaning at the base of cabinets or under footed shelving units? (It’s not exactly easy.) That’s part of the reason floating cabinetry, vanities and storage units have gained in popularity in recent years. Wall mounted units such as this open up the space and make cleaning a snap.

As an added bonus for Sioux Falls homeowners, floating vanities can make foot lighting and heating in spaces such as bathrooms or kitchens more easily accessible for fending off drafty falls and winters.

Ready to entertain your home-construction dreams? A lender who knows the local market is a great first step. Check out what Sioux Falls Fed offers for construction projects.