4 Essential Credit Union Services Every Business Needs

4 Essential Credit Union Services Every Business Needs

Day-to-day operations are critically important for any business. So when it comes to these crucial services, does your financial institution provide these key services?

Mobile Payments

Accepting mobile payments expands your customer base and enhances your company’s image. Tackling the world of mobile payments can be daunting. Your merchant-services provider should offer solutions that enable your customers to pay with their smartphones.


More than ever, B2C and B2B businesses rely on web and mobile sales to succeed. E-commerce solutions need to be robust, reliable and secure. Your credit union can provide payment processing that integrates with your existing platforms and provides state-of-the-art cyber-security protections. You’ll sleep well at night knowing that you have quality e-commerce support from your financial institution.

Software Integration

No two point-of-sale platforms are built alike—so finding a credit union that can offer the right level of software integration with your existing systems is key. Sioux Falls Fed, for example, offers a partnership with NXGEN, which can integrate with your existing software for payment processing, transaction posting and back-office accounting through QuickBooks.


Keeping tabs on everyday operations is key. Without a great reporting platform, it can be hard to measure your success or recognize and respond to challenges. You need easy-to-use reporting and analysis tools that track sales, expenses and customer behavior so that you know what products or services are driving your sales. You may also want to collect data that helps you find out what your mainstay customers have in common, as well as when they shop, so you can maximize your marketing efforts.

Sioux Falls FCU’s merchant services partner, NXGEN, offers a host of payment-processing options and e-commerce solutions that can be tailored to meet your needs and budget. Fill out the contact sheet or call Dani at 605-977-8376. We’ll get you in touch with a NXGEN merchant-services representative who can help you determine exactly what services you need and design solutions to fit your budget.