When you pick up a bag of Perky Coffee or a Big Frig mug from SFFCU, 100% of the proceeds go to the Sioux Falls School District. Help us level the playing field for kids in our area by participating in the Night of Hope & Caring. There are many ways to participate!

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Night of Hope & Caring

May 2nd, 2020

Join us in helping kids by leveling the playing field!

Field trips, school supplies, social etiquette, etc., these are all part of a childhood experience. Unfortunately, not all schools benefit from a parent support group such as a PTA or PTO that would normally provide some of these resources. Experiences like field trips help students learn proper behavior in social settings and build vocabulary they otherwise would not have the opportunity to build. These trips help students learn the benefits of following social norms, such as regular school attendance, appropriate classroom behaviors and giving your best effort on classroom assignments. It's made up of work/reward situations, yet some students don't yet understand that what you "get" is directly correlated to what you "give".  

This is where Night of Hope & Caring Comes in. This fund raiser brings the community together to give hope and caring to our local elementary school kids by raising funds in effort to help level the playing field for kids such as these. Each dollar provides for more of a well-rounded school experience for students.

We believe that kids are our future and that all kids deserve to participate equally in educational growth and have the same opportunities as their peers.

More details to come.

Here's a quick look of the 2019 highlights of Night of Hope & Caring.