Student Banking

Managing the ins and outs of new-found adulthood can be tricky. That’s why Sioux Falls Federal Credit Union (SFFCU) offers money-management options that work for you.

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Everything you need in one place.

Money—you want it where you want it, when you need it (no matter where you are). You need a good-natured pal like Sioux Falls Fed on your side to keep your spending sources in order.

Once a member, always a member—let’s break it down.

Student Loans

Paying for college—it takes planning, saving and probably five or six really well organized spreadsheets. But one thing you can count on as a Sioux Falls Fed member? Student lending options right here—locally.

Tech. Textbooks. Tuition. (We got you.)

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Mobile Banking

Your phone is like oxygen. (More or less.) It keeps you connected to the stuff you care about. Your cash is one of those things. We don’t mess around with our mobile app. Find out your balances, deposit your paycheck, pay back a friend—all from your phone.

Balance. Deposit. Transfer. (No problem.)

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Low-Interest Credit Cards

You know what’s not great? Credit cards that have a bunch of fees and super-high interest rates. (It’s painful to pay more interest instead of using that spare cash for that next caffeinated pick-me-up or spare few gallons of gas in your ride.) But—you guessed it—Sioux Falls Fed is packing some pretty stellar card action.

Credit cards… with cred.

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Free is Good

Now here’s some banking that fits into your class schedule. Having a financial institution that keeps the wallet flexible is important. At Sioux Falls FCU, you can expect:

  • FREE Checking
  • FREE Check Card (Debit)
  • FREE ATM Usage
  • FREE Bill Pay
  • FREE Online Banking
  • NO Money Transfer Fees
  • NO Minimum Daily Balance Fees

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We’re ready when you are.

Thinking of locking down a place to do your banking during those college years? Let’s talk about your options. Fill out the form below to get the ball rolling.