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Hit the road on your own terms. Already eyeing a beauty on four wheels? Prone to spontaneous fits of joyriding? Your first step is here.

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When the rubber meets the road, you need an auto loan with a plenty low interest rate. Do rates as low as 2.75% rev your engine? (We thought so.) Take advantage of the Sioux Falls Fed Difference—it does the (auto)body good.

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Rates That Resonate

Rates That Resonate

Auto loans can be tricky–you can get locked into lengthy terms or a rate that doesn't make sense for your budget. Borrowing locally affords you the opportunity to secure a loan that's... affordable.

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Pre-Approved Pronto

Pre-Approved Pronto

It's amazing how awesome it feels to know what you can afford when going into a vehicle-buying scenario. Grab your pre-approval from Sioux Falls Fed, and you'll have the confidence you need to purchase on your terms.

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Calculate Your Potential

Our auto lending options come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Choose from one of many calculator options to figure out your best case scenerio.

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