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Fee Schedule

Effective 1/1/2016

Checking Account
$28.00 per item
Returned Deposit Item Fee
$5.00 per item
Returned Deposited Item on Presenter (self)
$28.00 per item
Exception Manual Posting Fee
$5.00 per item
Stop Payment Request for 1 Item or a # Sequence
$25.00 per request
Overdraft Transfer from Savings
$5.00 per transfer
Copies of Clear Drafts (free online)
$3.00 per draft
Check Printing
Prices vary depending upon style.
Yes Checking Accounting
$5.00 per month
Super Share Account
Excessive Withdrawal Fee
3 free per month $5 thereafter
Dormant/Abandoned Accounts & Monetary Instruments
Dormancy Fees
$5.00 per month
Abandoned Account Fee
Abandoned Cashier's Checks & Money Orders
Electronic Funds Transfer Fees
Off Network ATM Transactions
$2.00 per transaction
Overdraft of Savings
$28.00 per item
e*Pay Bill Payment Service
Free with at least one payment per month. $7.50 per month inactivity fee.
Loan Fees
Skip Payment Fee (Consumer Loans)
$20.00 per payment
Loan Payment by Credit Card (Visa or Mastercard)
$10.00 per payment
Home Equity Loans
Document Fee ($50) Pass Thru Fees
Consumer Loan Refinance Fee
1% of loan amount $50 minimum - $150 maximum
Credit Cards
Late Fee
Up to $25.00
Card Replacement Fee
Refund Check
Copies of Sales Drafts
$10.00 each
Originals of Sales, Drafts and Other Documents
$10.00 each
Expedited Card
Varies, call for information
ATM/Check Cards
Replacement Fee if Lost or Damaged
1 free per year $15.00 thereafter
Expedited Card
Varies, call for information
Other Services
Health Savings Account
$15.00 account opening fee; thereafter $15.00
Account Research and/or Reconciliation
$25.00 per hour
Copy of Statement
$5.00 per statement
Domestic Outgoing Wire Transfer
Foreign Outgoing Wire Transfer
Cashier's Check
$5.00 each when payee is other than the account holder
Money Order
$2.00 each
Check Cashing
$3.00 per check for anyone over 18 with less than $100.00 in regular shares and no other active service.
Account Reopening
$15.00 for any membership closed and reopened more than once in a 12 month period.
Gift Card Purchase Fee
Re-loadable Card Purchase Fee
Re-loadable Card Reload Fee
Gift and Re-loadable Card Inactivity Fee After 12 Months
Gift and Re-loadable Card Replacement Fee
Levy/Garnishment Fee
Undeliverable Mail
$5.00 per piece
Safe Deposit Boxes
3 x 5 (Downtown Branch Only)
$15.00 per year
3 x 10
$35.00 per year
5 x 5 (Meadows Branch Only)
$25.00 per year
5 x 10 (Meadows Branch Only)
$45.00 per year
10 x 10 (Meadows Branch Only)
$55.00 per year
Key Replacement Fee
$150.00 per key
Box Drilling Fee
$250.00 per drill